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Borrow against your own funds while building your credit score with our Personal Secured Loans.

How It Works

If you have funds in one of our Savings Accounts, you can use that those funds as collateral to borrow with us. These loans borrow against the value of money in the account of your choosing. Not only are these loans less strict, but they can help you build your credit too!


  • Low fixed interest rate – See our current rates
  • Great loan to help build credit
  • No application fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Sign up for auto draft and receive a .50% discount on your loan
  • Manage your loan payments through our online banking and mobile app

What You Need

  • Be a Community First Fund Credit Union Member
  • Have the requested amount in the account you decide to borrow against
  • Undergo eligibility check by our team
  • Documents, such as proof of income or tax returns, as requested by our team

Important Details

  • Must have the requested amount in the account you decide to borrow against.
  • The balance of the account borrowed against must not fall below the outstanding balance of your loan.
  • Rate and approval are subject to change based on amount requested.

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You can open your account online at any time! Or stop by our branch and we will help get you started in person.

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