Overdraft Protection LOC

Keep the
Money flowing



Need a safety cushion?
We’ve got you covered!

With our Overdraft Protection Line of Credit (OP-LOC), you can rest assured bills and other expenses are paid, even if you do not have sufficient funds in your Checking Account.

Make Sure You’re Covered

  • The OP-LOC is attached to your Checking Account of choice
  • Funds are automatically added to your account to cover unexpected expenses
  • Maximum coverage up to $5,000 ensures you covered in emergency situations
  • If you are approved for this service, you will be assessed interests only on the amount that you use
  • Rate automatically adjusts based on your account balance
  • Competitive interest rates

What You Need

  • Be a Community First Fund Credit Union member
  • Must enroll and undergo approval process by our team

Open your account

You can open your account online at any time! Or stop by our branch and we will help get you started in person.

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